Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crazy daily life

Argh ----- I'm tired.

Thursday night I was up with Eva (who had an earache) until 7:02 am. Then I worked Friday from 9 til 2:30. When I got home, I took Micah out on a date to the Harley Davidson store to gawk at motorcycles. They gave him a Harley temporary tatoo. It looks really cute on his skin-n-bones arm. I'll try to take a pic tonight. Got home, and stayed up late transfering data from the old computer to the new computer (Wendy just gave us her old computer, which is much much nicer than the 7-year-old computer we've been using which is about to die). I crashed around 9:00 (I'd been up for 38 hours or so, afterall). But Chester came home around 11:30, and Toby and Nathan (Two of Chester's brothers live with us!) had a friend sleep over, and they were up until 2:00 or so. Eva was up again with her ear ache from 1:00 till 3:00, when I finally successfully left her sleeping on the recliner and crawled in to bed. Isaiah ate at 5:30 (an hour later than usual, Thank you Lord!), and the kids were up around 7:00 for breakfast.

Now I'm at work, where at least it's quiet.

We put up bunk beds for the girls this week. Actually, they're industrial shelves (Think really beefy metal garage shelves) that we put mattresses on. I'll have to post a pic of that too. We had to go and put our most clumsy child (Eva) on the top. So we put rails all around. She still managed to fall off the first night, and messed up her back. I've now brought my chiropractor so much business that she sent us a gift card to Famous Daves this week. It's nice timing, because our anniversary is next week (6 years!), and she just paid for us to take a nice date :) But still, I wonder if I'm a little chiro-overboard right now.

Toby ordered a part for his moped -- a $70 piston. Chester accidentally threw it away. The trash man came before we figured it out. Poor guy. This week he's flunked two tests (that he studied like mad for), left his USB drive in a computer on campus, spent most of his money getting his own back fixed, and now his brother throws away the part that he needed to get his moped running so that he can save money on gas. We owe him some big money for a new piston.

Ahh daily life. This is the stuff of stories and memories.

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Tobias Davis said...

Well, I was a little sad that the part was thrown away, but it was completely overshadowed by those two tests. So, I guess it didn't really bother me as much as it might have.