Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why must they be boyz?

Yesterday evening, Isaiah ate dirt.

Of course, this is nothing new -- he regularly eats dirt and sand.

But last night it caused him a problem. He came in to me swallowing obsessively, gulped down a drink, vomited a couple of times, and repeated that routine for a few hours. (The vomit only had lots dirt in it a couple of times). I tried to eat, and could eat little bits, but obviously had a hard time swallowing.

When he went to bed, we figured it would pass. But he was still gagging, dry heaving, etc, not able to swallow right, etc. this morning at breakfast. So I made him a dr. appointment, and came to work.

I have visions of them having to do minor surgery to dislodge some rock from his throat or something. (or worse, saying nothing is wrong, and Isaiah not being able to eat for a long time waiting for the problem to correct itself)...

Chester's supposed to email me an update, but I'm worried while I work right now....
I want to call to see if they're back from the dr. yet (the appointment was 2 1/2 hours ago), but I know that would annoy Chet. So I wait for the email..... I guess there's nothing I could do anyway. Good thing I have lots of work to do.

*** update ***

Yup, the dr. says nothing is wrong. We wasted our time. But if he keeps gagging, vomiting and not being able to eat, we should call back in a few days. grr...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kids monster hoodies

Here's the ones that I made for the three older kids. They're really popular!

Monster Hoodies from April birthdays

Peter got his a couple of months ago, I just forgot to take a picture. Sheila got the cat-woman eyes. I spent a whole month planning them, adn thought they turned out really good. I hope she likes them. Cara got a goofy one, and Xiaohui got the studious but grumpy hoody (with no teeth).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Monster Hoodie

I get my sewing machine back today.  And a monster hoodie will be in order for the one lonely friend who commented.  I'll get your Christmas present done too!  (I've known forever what I was making for you, just been too intimidated to do so).

And hey, since this blog has SOOO many readers, maybe I can feel more comfortable to write more personal stuff on it!  LOL!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

another etsy store

My Mom and I just opened a Mother/Daughter store too.  It's stocked.  Check it out at <a href="www.mdcreations.etsy.com">etsy</a>.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Who wants a Monster hoodie?

I got a good deal on hoodies this week -- so I'm making monster hoodies! If you want one, (just $10 -- MUCH less than they'll be listed on etsy), then post a comment! (There's nothing posted yet, we just opened the store today!)

One name will be drawn from comments to receive a FREE monster hoodie.

AND, if your birthday is approaching.... well, let me know -- I can make you a birthday present!

Friday, February 15, 2008

more Christmas

Here's some Christmas crafts that didn't get done until mid-January, and I haven't gotten around to posting until now.....

Patchwork couches

Okay, so I found these squint couches, and knew that I had my new couch. Our couches were gifts a bit over a year ago, and are wonderfully comfortable. But the child wear and tear has really taken it's toll. It's time for a new cover.

Chester okayed a patchwork couch on a more muted scale. The fabric will be in earth-tones, and only the sitting-on cushions will be patchwork. All the rest will be solid.

The fabric came from Wally World. They undercharged me (yes, I called and offered to make it right), so I got 24 yards of heavy twill for $25. Thanks God for providing that one!

Haircutting cape

So Zanna has recently taken up haircutting. I promised her a pair of thinning shears for her birthday, but didn't order them in a timely manner. So a few days before the party, I had this idea -- an ugly-tie haircutting cape! It was a blast to make, and turned out pretty okay. It has a velcro closure, and a collar and a tie. The tie makes it heavy. I guess that's the price you pay for stylin'.

Ugly Tie Bag v2.0

(Those are the inside pockets).
I think it turned out pretty nice.
Not good enough to sell, most likely, but pretty nice nonetheless.

Don't know yet who it'll be for.

Micah loves snow

Micah begged and begged to shovel after this last snow. Here he is, in the afternoon. In the morning he shoveled the entire driveway. When he was done with the walk too, I gave him a sucker. He felt so great to be rewarded for playing outside in the snow!

Monster Hoodie Fun

Made Amos a monster hoodie for his birthday. He thought it was "awesome". Yay!