Monday, March 26, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

"So the kids decided to play Doctor today"......

This is how the story, as related by Chester, began. Words enough to strike fear into a mother's heart (at least this mother!)

"Oh no, what did they do?"

"They tried to draw blood." Yep, reason to strike fear.

"Well, I guess they did just have their hemoglobin tested last week.... what were they trying?"

"Micah was trying to poke Eva's finger with a diaper pin."

*Amy nearly dies laughing.

And it's happened now every day for about 4 days. Micah finds something sharp, and says,
"Mommy, this side is for poking, and this side is for the blood. I'm going to get blood from Eva!" He never seems to understand why it's okay for the doctor to make someone bleed, but not okay for him. (We told him it's fine for him to prick his own finger, but that doesn't seem quite as fun, somehow).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mo the Mimic

Micah saw the neighbor kids doing cartwheels yesterday, and of course spent the evening in the living room trying to do them. He's no where near actually getting a "real" cartwheel done, but you can tell that that's what he's trying to do.

Moriah, though, is so convinced that she's a big girl seeking to be all that a one-year-old can be. While Micah's cart-wheeling back and forth across the living room, she crawls out on the floor, puts her head down and her hands up by her head, rolls over, and giggles. Over and over, back and forth on the floor. It took us a good while to figure out that she, too, was doing cartwheels.

Today at Nani's house (Grandma Beckwith), they started this up again, and after we all nealy died laughing at Mo copying Micah, Nani impressed us all by showing us the proper way to do a cartwheel. Go Nani!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

19, that is

I just counted. I can remember 19 vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds) that we've owned. I'm not sure I got them all though.

Oh, and that's since getting engaged, 6 years ago. We had sold off 2-3 already by the time we got married 5.5 years ago.

Just for the record.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

And Nighthawk makes Nine

Yes, since Chester and I have been married, this is indeed the number of two-wheeled motorized vehicles we've owned (motorcycles and mopeds). 

Got a really good price on a Honda Nighthawk with an "electrical problem".  Dad Beckwith was going to it's location anyway, so he picked up and brought home Chester's new baby. (Thanks Dad!)  Chester hooked up two disconnected wires, and voila!

Actually, it does need a bit of work still -- cleaning the carburater, new air filter, etc.  But it's a really beautiful bike, and I think he'll like it lots.

 This brings our total motorized vehicle count somewhere between 15 and 20.  Not bad for 5.5 years of marriage.

Rock a Bye Baby

God is so good to us!

I finally decided that the current crib was just not safe last Sunday.  Two corners were nearly detached, one side didn't stay up, and Moriah kept falling through the mattress corners.

"We need a new crib, SOON", I told Chester.

Within five minutes (yes, I was really impressed), he had one lined up, from a wonderful family with whom we are friends.  (They GAVE it to us!)  The next morning he went to pick it up, and now Moriah has a new crib.

Thank you LORD!

Sicko Groupo

Three eardrums later, I think we're finally recovering.  It's been a long week, and we've all been crabby.  Eva got an earache Saturday night, and from there, everything has just gone around.  Stuffy-runny noses, ear infections, sore noses, sore throats. 

It seems like we're getting better though.  I hope so, because sick kids are starting to drive me batty.