Monday, March 26, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

"So the kids decided to play Doctor today"......

This is how the story, as related by Chester, began. Words enough to strike fear into a mother's heart (at least this mother!)

"Oh no, what did they do?"

"They tried to draw blood." Yep, reason to strike fear.

"Well, I guess they did just have their hemoglobin tested last week.... what were they trying?"

"Micah was trying to poke Eva's finger with a diaper pin."

*Amy nearly dies laughing.

And it's happened now every day for about 4 days. Micah finds something sharp, and says,
"Mommy, this side is for poking, and this side is for the blood. I'm going to get blood from Eva!" He never seems to understand why it's okay for the doctor to make someone bleed, but not okay for him. (We told him it's fine for him to prick his own finger, but that doesn't seem quite as fun, somehow).

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