Friday, May 11, 2007

Remember the old MAC screen saver of flying toilets?

Last week, Chester finished finals (hallelujah!), and asked me what my top projects around the house were for him. I know, he's an incredible guy. I answered that I really wanted the toilet fixed -- it had been leaking from the seal for a while, and was gross and smelly. It should have been a red flag when his next question was "How long can you live without the diaper changing station in the bathroom?"...... but it didn't.

So, on Monday night, out came the diaper changing station, and part of the floor.

Tuesday when I got home from work, the toilet was on the front porch. I started to catch on. Soon, the sink, mirror and doors were in our bedroom, and the whole floor was removed.

This all had a reason, of course. Chester happened to know that the toilet was leaking due to a wobbly floor, not due to a bad seal (as I had assumed). Therefore, correcting the problem meant correcting the wobbly floor. Here, I thought I'd asked for a two-hour project. Silly me.

So, we've been without a bathroom all week. The up-side is that when it's finished, we'll have a ceramic tile floor that really looks nice! And a new toilet (the old one is going to replace the super-gross basement one that we've been using all week). I think he even has plans to replace the wall paper and maybe the sink.

I'm still wondering why he asked me how long I could live without the diaper-changing station, rather than, say, without a toilet, without a sink, without a mirror or without a shower.....

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