Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mo the Mimic

Micah saw the neighbor kids doing cartwheels yesterday, and of course spent the evening in the living room trying to do them. He's no where near actually getting a "real" cartwheel done, but you can tell that that's what he's trying to do.

Moriah, though, is so convinced that she's a big girl seeking to be all that a one-year-old can be. While Micah's cart-wheeling back and forth across the living room, she crawls out on the floor, puts her head down and her hands up by her head, rolls over, and giggles. Over and over, back and forth on the floor. It took us a good while to figure out that she, too, was doing cartwheels.

Today at Nani's house (Grandma Beckwith), they started this up again, and after we all nealy died laughing at Mo copying Micah, Nani impressed us all by showing us the proper way to do a cartwheel. Go Nani!

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