Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Traditions

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is constructing Graham Cracker houses. This year we had a small party (27 people). Nani hosted it, and we had a blast! Here's Micah's and Eva's houses. We constructed them ahead of time, and they just put candy on them. I built a bridge, patterned after penny bridges that I saw online. Nate built a water wheel. And some cute houses were built too -- see the snow man waving?

Here's my recipe for great Graham cracker structures:

Off-brand Graham crackers -- get the cheapest ones you can, since they're usually harder, and therefore structurally stronger.

Candy canes -- melt these in a frying pan or griddle over low-medium heat. Use them to glue the graham crackers together into a structure.

Glue frosting -- mix 1 lb of powdered sugar with 6 egg whites and 1 tsp. cream of tarter in an electric mixer on high for 10 minutes (use a Kitchen Aid if you want your motor to last). This is terrific "snow", glue for candy, and sculpting medium.

Candy ad nauseum. Expect a tummy ache the next day.

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